Welcome to the DECODON Consumable platform.

Consumable allows for scaling software cost with project size. Instead of making an investment decision you finance software usage by consumable budgets.

See how DECODON Consumable works.

You can use two DECODON products as a consumable:

  • Delta2D is the most modern software package for analysing 2D electrophoresis gels. Using Delta2D Consumable, you only pay for the 2D gel images you analyze.
  • Paver is visualising hierarchically organized quantitative data. Using Paver consumable, you only pay for those hierarchies and quantitative data sets which you really want to present.

Delta2D and Paver updates are free for consumable users!

We recommend to always use the latest version.

You can update Delta2D easily if you select "Help > Check for Software Updates ...".
The latest Paver installer is available in your consumable account.

Want to buy more consumable credits?

Just use our template quote and send your order per email or fax to +49 3834 515239.
Or contact us and request your individual formal quote.


If you have used Delta2D Consumable before July 8, 2014, you have to define a new password before you can continue with activating your images in Delta2D. Please choose the option "New Password" to create it.